Rumah mungil yang sehat dan pantas

Building a Rumah mungil yang sehat is not just about the form and building materials, but also designs that support healthy living. One of the qualities that are very important in building a house is the house must be healthy! Outside the pursuit of health quality are interesting or your latest product application materials must be in a house. This is the most basic question that must be met. A Rumah mungil yang sehat is a house design that supports the health of its inhabitants. The house is quite open, flexible, and easy to maintain. The material used is free from harmful chemicals. Children and parents can access easily and safely to various places in the house. Sure there are a number of other requirements. Some practical presented here, and can become a point in the planning of your home. Natural Lighting Natural light comes from sunlight. The light will illuminate and give warmth previously dark corners. With so prevent damp room. Rays natahari able to kill 80% bacteria and germs that have the potential to grow. Replace the opening of doors, windows, bouvelicht, or vent. The percentage of openings in the ideal home is 10% -20% of floor space. The location of openings should be adjusted to the room in need of natural light. Also, sync with the direction of the beam so that it can enter through openings that we make. Air Circulation Smooth circulation of air makes the air inside the house cooler and healthier. Easy exchange of air, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in balance. Try not too low ceiling. Hot air under the roof will be easy on the body, if the ceiling was too low. Minimum ceiling height is 3m from the floor. That way, the hot temperature at the top is not easy on the body. You also may request made cavity or hole in the bottom of the roof. The high range between 10cm-20cm of length that can be adapted to the size of the roof beam. This will make the air cavity under the hot roof, easily exchanged with a new air cooler. Water Supply At least, every single person occupant requires 60 liters of clean water per day. To ensure the provision of water, a house requires a water storage tank (reservoir). Making water wells should be enough of a hole mendapatjarak septic tanks. Minimal is 3m. If less, it is feared choli bacteria from septic tanks will seep into water wells. Waste Water Channels A healthy home is also marked by a good sewage systems. Waste bias comes from the kitchen, bathroom, service area. Consider the following. Installation of pipe bends should be minimal so that smooth flow of waste water flows. The slope of the discharge pipe from the source to roil the city is 70 degrees. Measuring the degree that would make lancer wastewater flows. Use a goose neck snare for pipes under the sink and the sink for insects caught and prevent the musty odor. Put bak 4m distance control in a range between one another. Channels dirty water from the toilet waste must be separated and channeled only to the septic tank. Dry wall and floor Humidity can occur in the walls and floors. This will create a room that tends to wet and become a source of proliferation of germs. You can apply the tiles. Ceramics is a type of waterproof material. Floor or wall to be easily dried. The walls are attached to the wall of a neighbor’s house will generally damp. Between the two walls with waterproof materials (waterproofing) before closing ceramics. Garbage disposal Make sure that in making the design of the house there is adequate landfill. Bins should be sufficient to accommodate the amount of daily garbage. There is a cover, and has holes for drainage if the trash was cleaned. Wells Clean water is increasingly difficult to obtain. Meanwhile, we often let the rain water flushing into the canal city. You can request the architect of your home to provide rain water absorption well in your yard. Minimum by making a hole biopori. Some things about the above can you discuss with the architect. After the stage was built there to always care for and maintain the cleanliness of the house. All this will make your stay more calm. Living comfortably at Rumah mungil yang sehat with the family for a long time.

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